Student Care Insurance (24/7)

Accidents will happen, and they can be costly. Playing sport, riding bicycles, in the playground and at home students are at risk form injury.

Student Care is a student accident insurance policy specifically designed for kindergartens, schools, colleges and universities. Student Care provides benefits for a range of events such as death, total and permanent disablement, loss of sight and broken bones resulting from personal accident injuries. The policy also covers medical services for which a Medicare benefit is not available, such as dental and physiotherapy. Student Care is a world-wide policy that is purchased by educational institutes to cover all enrolled students.

All students enrolled at Sacred Heart School are covered 24/7 by the CCI Student Care Insurance Policy.

Making a Student Care Claim

Before you Make a Claim

  • Make sure you have a medical or dental certificate from the treating doctor detailing the extent and treatment of the injury.
  • Include any tax invoices for non-Medicare medical or dental fees relative to the injury. Don’t worry if you haven’t got all the invoices yet. You can send through any expenses for your claim via email once you have been provided your claim number.

Making Your Claim

Once you have all the relevant information, you can make a claim the following ways:

Online CCI Student Care Claim Form

CCI Student Care FAQ’s

The CCI Student Care Frequently Asked Questions page on the CCI website will provide more information on the insurance such as services that are claimable, when to claim, what happens if you also have private health insurance, and more commonly asked questions.

CCI Student Care FAQ’s