School Advisory Council

The School Advisory Council (SAC) has a number of very important roles to play with regard to the development of the school. One of its important roles is to oversee and endorse matters which have a financial implication for the school.

The Council also acts as a consultative forum for the Principal on issues such as:

  • faith formation of students and staff;
  • curriculum development;
  • property and maintenance;
  • administration;
  • human resources.

The Council meets once a term to discuss the varied issues related to Sacred Heart.

2022 School Advisory Council Members

Chairperson: Katie Fielding
Secretary: TBC
Treasurer: TBC
Member: Alistair Drew, Fiona Clegg
P&F Representative:TBC
Parish Council Representative:TBC

Ex-Officio Members:

Parish Priest: Father John Daly
Principal: George Firns
Assistant Principal: Tony Fyfe

Annual Community Meeting Reports