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I show my love for & faith in God through
I show my love
for & faith in
God through

Sacred Heart Mundaring

At Sacred Heart School we remember the history and traditions of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition and the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart ‘relieving suffering and bringing hope to all with the desire to accomplish God’s will’

Our school motto calls each of us to strive and challenge ourselves and others;

‘to learn   ,to care,   to give’

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Religious Education

Religious Education is the first learning area in a Catholic school. It is “an activity of Evangelisation in its own right” (Mandate Letter, 43).It allows our children to understand, explain and justify the Christian message as it is passed down by the Catholic Church to those who follow Christ in today’s world.

The Religious Education program aims to help students learn the teachings of the Gospel as proclaimed by the Catholic Church and develop a sense of the nature of Christianity and of how Christians are trying to live their lives. It seeks to show non-Christians something of the mystery of Christ.

At Sacred Heart School, we strive to make these achievements through daily programmed lessons based on the Archdiocesan Units of Work as well as working with the Sacred Heart Parish in the sacramental programs that work towards students receiving the Sacraments of Penance in Year 3, Eucharist in Year 4 and Confirmation in Year 6.

With our Parish Priest Father Dominic Savio, we continue on an ongoing commitment to form a close parish – school relationship. We hope to consolidate a good example and foundation for school families to feel as much a part of the parish community as they do the school community.

Classes are each allocated a Wednesday Mass to organise and coordinate which allows students to experience being active participants. In partnership with the parish, the school and Father Dominic altar serving training is also organised for interested students.

The development of the community relationship between parish and school, alongside the Religious Education in the school curriculum, are the integral parts in the ongoing faith development of the students at Sacred Heart School.