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I show my love for & faith in God through
I show my love
for & faith in
God through

Sacred Heart Mundaring

At Sacred Heart School we remember the history and traditions of the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Apparition and the Sisters of Saint Joseph of the Sacred Heart ‘relieving suffering and bringing hope to all with the desire to accomplish God’s will’

Our school motto calls each of us to strive and challenge ourselves and others;

‘to learn   ,to care,   to give’

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Below is a list of all our policies, procedures & guidelines documents.

  • Religious Education
    ‘Religious Education is the first learning area in the Catholic school curriculum. This is so because, though a classroom activity, Religious Education is a form of the Ministry of the Word. Unlike the other Learning Areas, it is an activity of Evangelisation in its own right’ (Mandate Letter, 43).
  • Dealing with Bullying, Harrassment and Violence Policy (Students)
    Sacred Heart School has the responsibility to provide an educational environment that promotes the dignity and respect of the person, and therefore, aims to eliminate bullying, harassment and violence in all forms.
  • How to deal with Dispute or Complaint in a Catholic Shool
    The purpose of this publication is to provide an overview of the process to be utilised in Catholic schools in the resolution of a dispute or complaint that may arise from time to time.
  • Evacuation Policy
    An evacuation procedure will be carried out each term to enable the staff to practise the plan with their students. The evacuation procedure and plan will be clearly displayed in the classrooms, multipurpose room, canteen, teachers’ work room, staffroom, social worker’s room, reception area, library, ICT Room, AP and Principal’s Office, Art Room and the Early Childhood Centre.
  • Individual Behaviour Management Plan
    For displaying disrespect and using inapropriate language to staff and others red card system - First, Second and Third Incident.
  • Student use of information and communication technology
    Information and Communication Technology (ICT) has been introduced into schools predominantly through email and the internet. The availability of such resources provides the opportunity for schools to help students develop their full potential. ICT provides significant educational value but can pose a risk of exposure to inappropriate and offensive material and personal safety.